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Geography at Beedon CE Primary



Each year, our children begin the year with essential skills and knowledge projects. These projects enable our children to be introduced to, or revisit, critical geographical concepts, aspects, skills and knowledge. These projects prepare children for the study of more thematic geography projects in the following term. Throughout our geography scheme of work, there is complete coverage of all national curriculum programmes of study over the 2 year cycle.


In a Beedon Geopgraphy lesson, you will see:

  • Children developing the specialist vocabulary needed to think, speak and write like a geographer
  • Children practising their reading and oracy skills whilst researching and building their geography knowledge
  • Children linking their knowledge to their prior learning and applying the geography skills they have been taught in their work.
  • Post Covid, in 2020 and 2021, some geographical topics will be combined with other lessons to ensure our children have covered all that need to by the end of Key Stage 2
  • Children building their cultural capital through practical activities and trips and visitors which bring the Geography curriculum to life (including use of our school grounds and local area, speakers who have experience of other countries and areas, river study visit to Henly Museum).
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