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Music at Beedon CE Primary



In our lessons, our children sing, play tuned and untuned instruments, listen to recorded and live music, and compose and improvise using the interrelated dimensions of music. They learn about music history, exploring a range of musical styles and traditions, while using and understanding staff and other notations.Music is taught following the Charanga scheme of work to whole class groups.  Children are encouraged to work toghether to perform as a class.  Percussion instruments are provided for pupils to accompany their singing and to compose, transcribe and perform their own compositions.All pupils have the opportunity to learn a pitched instrument during their time in school. Individual lessons are available on site through Berkshire Maestros and Hogan Music.


In our lessons you will see:

  • Children enjpying music from a range of genres and periods which engages and inspires them 
  • Children whose self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement are increasing.
  • Children who are developing a growing musical vocabulary that allows them to critically engage with music.
  • Children who are applying their knowledge and skills in assessing themselves and their peers
  • Children who celebrate their success and skills with their peers and wider audiences such as playing to the school in assembly or perfoming in concerts.
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