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We group pupils according to their progress in reading rather than their writing. This is because it is known that pupilsā€™ progress in writing will lag behind progress in reading, especially for those whose motor skills are less well developed. In Reception we emphasise the alphabetic code. The pupils rapidly learn sounds and the letter or groups of letters they need to represent them. Simple mnemonics help them to grasp this quickly. This is especially useful for pupils at risk of making slower progress. This learning is consolidated daily. Pupils have frequent practice in reading high frequency words with irregular spellings ā€“ common exception words. We make sure that pupils read books that are closely matched to their increasing knowledge of phonics and the common exception words. This is so that, early on, they experience success and gain confidence that they are readers. Re-reading and discussing these books with the teacher supports their increasingly fluent decoding. 


In Beedon phonics lessons you will see:

  • Children who are engaged and focused and enjoying their learning
  • Daily practice of speed sounds which ensures that prior learning is commited to long-term memory
  • Children working as class groups, individually and with partners
  • Teachers leading well-paced lessons and making ongoing assessment of children's progress (For those on the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme, we record their starting date and entry point on the tracker to monitor the rate at which they are making progress. We can also easily identify those who joined the programme later. In addition, we use a standardised reading test  so that we can ensure that the gains our pupils are making are age-appropriate)
  • Since introducing RWinc as our phonics scheme, 100% of pupils have passed their screening check by the end of year 2.  In 2018 and 2020, 100 % of pupils passed their screening on their first attempt in Year 1 (or by December 2020 when delayed by Covid lockdowns). 

Information for parents

Please follow the link below which will take you to the parent and carer resources on Read Write Inc. This includes videos of how to help your child at home and stories for you to enjoy together.  



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