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Science at Beedon CE Primary


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Our curriculum ensures that all Science programmes of study in the national curriculum are covered before the end of each key stage phase.. The science projects are sequenced to develop both children’s substantive and declarative knowledge, and if possible, make meaningful links to other projects. These links allow for children to embed their substantive knowledge in new and often real-life contexts. The sequencing of projects ensures that children have the substantive knowledge and vocabulary to comprehend subsequent projects fully. Each project’s place in the year has also been carefully considered. For example, projects that involve growing plants or observing animals are positioned at a suitable time of year to give children the best possible opportunity to make first-hand observations. Within all the science projects, disciplinary knowledge is embedded within substantive content.


In our Science lessons you will see:

  • Children developing the specialist vocabulary needed to think, speak and write like a scientist.
  • Children practising their reading and oracy skills whilst researching and building their scientific knowledge.
  • Children linking their knowledge to their prior learning and applying the skills they have been taught in their work.
  • Children making links between their science work and other curriculum areas.
  • Children who are excited to investigate a question and who are able to work scientifically and safely.
  • Children who are inspired by activities which bring their learning to life be these visits to experience things first hand in zoos, museums or science centres, practical activities which are memorable and help to engage their interest, visitors to school to inspire our children about Science or trips to our federated secondary school to work in the Science labs.
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