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Beedon CE Primary School Behaviour Blueprint


“When the adults change, everything changes.” Paul Dix

Visible Adult Consistencies

Meet and greet with a smile
Listen first
Calm and patient
Positive praise

Our School Rules

All children will be:
Ready to learn

Over and above behaviours

Excellent manners we may see:
“Please, thank you, excuse me”
Holding doors open for others
Tidying without being asked

Our Value Message

As a Church school, we draw our inspiration from John 10.10
I came so that they could have life – indeed, so that they could live life to the fullest.”

 “Nurturing every individual’s unique skills and talents; inspiring and challenging every child to achieve more than they ever thought possible”

Our school motto “a love of life and learning” is key to everything we do.  


Stepped Sanctions

  1. Name the behaviour
  2. Verbal warning
  3. Final warning – given staff member refers to class teacher
  4. Restorative conversation at appropriate time
  5. Miss next break time to complete reflective task
  6. Pupil/Parent meeting with teacher
  7. Pupil/Parent meeting with SMT

Restorative Questions

What happened?
What did you do/say?
How did you feel at the time?
How do you feel now?
Who was affected by this?
What do you think needs to happen now?
What will you do differently next time?

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